AB Lincostin

AB Lincostin

AB Lincostin

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Composition :

Each 150 gm contains:
Lincomycin Hydrochloride monohydrate.37.8g
(Equiv.to Lincomycin base 33.3gm)
Spectomycin sulphate tetrahydrate…100.8g
(Equiv. to spectomycin base 66.7gm)

Indications :

used in treatment of :
1-CRD (mycoplasma gallisepticum).
2-Infectious synovitis(mycoplasma synoviae).
3-coliform infection(E-coli).

Dosage & Administration :

75 gm/100 liters orally via drinking water for 3-7 days

Withdrawal Period:

2 days.

Manufactured By:

D.B.K. pharma.


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