About Us

Letter from the Chairman

In order to improve our performance and reach the best, we promise that the coming years will see vertical and horizontal growth for the company, Since the issue of safe, high-quality products requires the utmost care and responsibility of the operators in this vital sector That is why AB Pharma has been keen to employ the best qualified, scientifically, technically and administratively. qualified professionals in the
The aim is to provide excellent and high quality services in veterinary field I conclude by calling on all our operators in the provinces not to hesitate To inform us of all available means of their feedback on the level of our services products distributed by us and we assure everyone that their remarks are welcomed and respected by the board of directors


One of the leading vet pharmaceuticals companies in Egypt, was founded on 2005.
Our history in the  market has created a good trust for our customers, a comprehensive range of top quality products, as well as a highly motivated sales team, focusing on the needs of our customers and after sales service.

Our Achievements

As a result of our hard work AB PHARMA become an exclusive sole Agent for Many Major Multinational Companies operating in European Union as DELTA VET SICA SA Company – FRANCE.
We Successfully Established and operated a number of new branches in EGYPT.
We have distributors in other countries as Saudi Arabia and Sudan.
We signed agreements with the largest factories in Egypt as:

  • Marcyrl pharmaceutical industries (10/7/2006)
  • Arab company for medical products (Arab Comed) (1/4/2006).
  • The Arab company for gelatin and pharmaceuticals products S.A.E certified ISO 9001-ISO14001 OHSAS 18001 by the British standards institution B.S.I (20/2/2008).
  • D.B.K pharma for Pharmaceutical Industries (AL-Debeiky Pharma) (30/7/2012).
  • Averroes Pharma for Pharmaceutical Industries (18/4/2013).

Our Vision

To be the first choice of veterinarians and their trusted resource in Egypt and Middle East.

Our Mission

To cover all poultry industry’s needs to support animal health by bringing the latest technologies to the local market focused on the research, development, production and marketing of pharmaceutical products.


Registration and manufacturing high quality antibiotics and anticoccidial to meet the needs of the Egyptian market.