Kidney washer & Anti - heart stress

abreen :-

Composition :
Each1Kg contains ……………

Ammonium cholrid: 250gm
Magnesium sulphate: 145gm
Sodium sulphate: 145gm
Sorbitol: 50 gm
Vit. C: 50gm
Compelet by lactose to: 1Kg

Uses & Advantages :

Ammonium cholrid:

- Overcome heat stress by decrease the PH of blood which increase it lead to high mortality rate in poultry.

- Useful in kidney washes due to its diuretics action help in change PH of the urine to acidic PH lead to kill the microorganism in the urinary system.

- Help in dissolving of urinary stones.

Magnesium sulphate & Sodium sulphate:

- Overcome Fatty liver by increase secretion of the bile duct lead to digestion of the lipid in the food .

- Increase the movement &osmotic presser inside the intestine lead to transfer the water from blood &tissue to intestin lead to increase rate of exerted water from the body .

- maintain the internal balance inside the body


- Activate the liver by Increase the bile duct secretion.

- Remove the toxic product from the blood produced by bacterial &fungal infection through correction of the food conversation inside the liver .

Vit .C:

- Increase the immunity of the body.

- Maintain the viability &activity of the liver cell.

- Increase feed conversation rate so help in promate of the growth.

- Increase reproductivity of the animal.

- ABREEN effective in treatment the clinical singes of some virus disease as(Gumbro& Infectious Bronchitis ).

Dosage & administration :
1gm /1 liter of drinking water.
Packaging :
200gm &1kg plastic container
Produced by : Arab company for medical products (ARAB COMED)