Immune stimulant


( The potent immune stimulant )

• Stim Plus is a unique combination responsible for increasing the immunity as it contains a combination of elements necessary for activation of many immune cells

• have synergistic effect with the antibiotic, so increases their effectiveness

• The best product to be used before and after Vaccination

• Help in removing toxins which produced by bacteria , and viruses in the body by stimulating the liver cells (detoxification)

Composition :
Each one litre contains :
Thymol 125 mg(*)
Flavonoids 250 mg
sorbitol 10000 mg
Monopropylene glycol 20000 mg
Vitamin E ( as tocopherol acetate ) 5000 mg
Demineralize water up to litre
Indication :
- Enhances the immune defencses and poultry health
- Has an antibacterial and antiseptic effects
- Decreases inflammatory syndrome
- Enhances the immune defences and poultry health
- Regulates digestive flora and controls pathogen intestinal flora
- Limits parasites intestinal development (Helminths)
- Improves liver detoxification
Appearance :
24 months in a cool place and away from light
Dosage :
1.0 ml / L of drinking water for poultry
Packaging :
Can of 1 litre
Origin :
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